Kill Bed bugs on Contact

Kill bed bugs instantlyWhy Bye-Bye Bed Bugs Natural Bug Spray? 

Bed bugs die instantly when sprayed with Bye-Bye Bed Bug Spray.

It is all natural Eco-friendly no toxins added, bug spray that is safe for your family and pets.  Now that is important to me!

You may ask…Is it safe for my kids to be around or do we have to leave the premises so we don’t inhale the toxic fumes?  

This bug spray is completely safe for your family. So spray it and go about your business or you can get right into bed and wake up bite free.

How does Bye-Bye Bug Spray help?

  • Natural, family safe formula
  • Sniff safe formula (pet friendly!)
  • Home defense treatment for common household pests
  • Geranium and cedarwood essential oils kill bed bugs so you sleep and not worry


  • Effective both during an infestation and also as a preventative measure
  • Stain free formula
  • Made without toxic chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made in USA

Did you know that there are many different species of bed bugs?   (Cimex lectularuis)  is the most common type and the one that likes to hang around humans.

Bed bugs are now more common than ever.

They will hitchhike on a person’s belongings in their luggage, purse, clothing, bedding, gym bags, furniture and even you.   The most common place to

pick bed bugs up is a hotel.  Once a bed bug makes their way to your home they can be costly and very difficult to get rid of.

They multiply extremely fast, so it is very important to kill them as soon as you see one. To kill these bugs instantly I recommend using Bye-Bye Bed Bugs Spray

It’s made up of all natural ingredients including Geranium essential oil and Cedarwood essential oil.  It is Eco-friendly and safe for your family and pets to be around after spraying.

Not sure what bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs are small, oval, flat shaped bodies. An adult is about 4-5mm in length and visible to the necked eye.

Usually, brown in color unless they have recently eaten.  If they had just eaten then they will appear red in color. A bed bugs source of food is blood.  So that makes our bodies their main source of nutrition.

They can feed on a human for up to 12 min. at a time and often several times in a night.

When a bed bug feeds they will inject an anti-coagulant along with their saliva into the skin.

Not everyone who is bitten will react, but if you are one of those lucky people who is sensitive than you are reacting to the anticoagulant that was injected.

These little critters sure can be a nuisance…

They are small in size but can really cause some damage.  Even though they do not transmit diseases to humans their bites can become infected if scratched and cause a skin infection.

Which can turn into an embarrassing situation….. on your hands, face, neck, or shoulders.

They usually bite exposed areas of your skin while you are sleeping.

That’s when they are most active.

Several days after being bit is when you may see these red bumps all grouped together that show up on your skin.  They will be in a line or zig-zag pattern and can form a blister.

Do Not Scratch them!

Scratching can cause them to become inflamed and infected.  Make sure you keep the area clean and give it time to heal.

Bed bugs are very sneaky.

They hide in all sorts of places you would never think of.  They hide at the seams of the mattress as we all know…

…But did you know that you can also find them under the carpet… behind the baseboard…behind the electrical faceplate… and behind picture frames, and of kast but not least in cracks and crevices.

 When you are looking for bed bugs…

Focus on a 6 ft radius around your bed and don’t forget to look in those other places these little guys like to hide.

If you miss just one pregnant female it could be another infestation all over again.  So check everything!  Leave not one behind…

Why is Bye-Bye Bedbugs Spray so effective?

  1.  You can spray Bye-Bye Bedbugs on your mattress before bed and wake up bite free!
  2. It kills the eggs and on contact.

3. It can be used as a preventative measure.

4. Your children are still free to roam around the room even

after you spray everything down.

5. It is safe for your pets to be around.

Some signs you may have an infestation…….

  • You see skin casing …as bed bugs grow they will shed their skin
  • Bed bug feces…. as gross as it sounds…… you will see black or brown stains on porous areas and on a non-porous area you may see a small pile of fecesKill bed bugs,how to kill bed bugs,bed bug spray




                                  Along with

  • Bites on your skin.. grouped in an area forming a line or a zig-zag pattern

Ways to prevent an infestation from occurring…

  • Declutter your home… They love to hide and the less clutter you have the fewer places they have to hide
  • Wash and dry your linens once a week at the highest temperature            allowed
  • Check any and all second-hand items/furniture that you bring to your home
  • Check and inspect thoroughly your home and personal belongings after returning from a trip or having an overnight guest


==> Bye-Bye Bed BugsPowerful, Natural Bedbug Killer Spray – Home Defense Treatment – Eco-friendly and Safe for the Family (32 oz) 


 8 months ago  
Verified cc Brooks said:   Better than pest control 5 star

I love it. Works better then my former pest company. It’s worth the purchase

 8 months ago 
Pat said:   IT Works. 5 stars

I have finally found a product that truly works; particularly if the directions are followed. After three years of bed bugs and numerous companies who only fed them so they could come back … I have finally rid my home of bed bugs. Not only can I sleep peacefully again but am no longer the bed bugs next meal. This in itself earned your brownie points. Hopefully I won’t need this again but if I ever do, know where I will come without question.





Question: Does this product kill the eggs?

Answer: YES!!!!!

Question: Does it kill on contact or does take some time to kill them?

Answer: Yes, it does kill on contact. The bugs stopped moving when                 sprayed them. Where I sprayed there was no return of the bugs

Question: Is this safe for my dog?

Answer: Yes, this product is very safe for pets to be around. It will not               harm them.